TNT Fireworks

Crillys only use TNT Fireworks. We have been approached over the years by many firework companies and have even had the offer of bringing our own brand of fireworks in direct from China. We ALWAYS REFUSE simply because we genuinely believe TNT offer the most exciting and quality range of fireworks found anywhere in the UK.

We could buy cheaper but we just think TNT the biggest firework supplier in the world is the very best available!

Fact TNT Fireworks are the largest supplier of 1.4g fireworks in the world!

The TNT Firework business supplys over 29,000 stores worldwide.

TNT UK is constantly striving to stay ahead of its competitors in product development. 2011 has seen a massive introduction of new product. Development of 2012 product has started now!

All TNT Fireworks are strictly tested annually to comply with all British Standards.

TNT values its employees. All Chinese workers in TNTs main Chinese Firework facility are offered supreme living quarters

We strongly believe that TNT offer the greatest range of fireworks available and for that reason will only sell TNT fireworks.